How Tantra Resolves Stress: Nondual Awareness and Health

Stress Resting

Stress levels in Boston are high. Walk into a coffeehouse on a Sunday and you’ll see rows of professionals and students transfixed to laptops compensating for hours that evaporated during a busy week.

For me, this is opportunity. I’m soon to move to Cambridge with an easy walk to Harvard Square. I help people understand stress and cut through worldly noise to connect with their truth.

Brain and body can only receive so much information before there’s overflow, what we call stress.

Most often, we try to alleviate its symptoms through substances, excess shopping or meds. Even too many spa days can be a healthier attempt to alleviate symptoms.

I prefer to uproot stress at its source. Tantra shows us how.


A purpose of life is to growth our depth and I encourage clients to be proactive.

Once we discover the benefits of being proactive toward transformational growth, we understand stress as a call-to-action:  Is it time to let go of a harsh inner critic and align with deeper wisdom? Could my work environs be so toxic that I am becoming ill? Is my need for constant approval taking a toll?


After 25 years of study, teaching and mentoring, I’ve noticed two primary characteristics of stress:

  • It’s contagious. Stress can be transmitted from one person to another. Especially so when one is compassionate and in tune with surroundings.
  • Stress affects every cell. As each thought arises, it ripples throughout the body. When a thought is constricting cells suffer. The Latin origin for stress is strictus meaning drawn tight. Conversely, when thought is expansive cells are at ease.

In tantric wisdom, each individual comes pre-programmed with THREE FOUNDATIONAL CONCEPTS THAT ACT AS SPRINGBOARD FOR THOUGHTS, WORDS AND ACTIONS:

  1. I am not good enough; I’m not worthy. Anava Mala.  Thus we seek worthiness and completion by trying to make our self whole through outer validation and attainment of possessions, academic degrees, job promotions.
  2. I’m different; I’m separate; I’m the only one who feels this way. Mayiya Mala.  Thus we compensate by judging others to establish ego and feel superior. Also by identifying with a select group, team or nationality.
  3. I’m doing this all on my own. I have this burden and must push through. Karma Mala.  Thus we scurry about, regretting past and anticipating future. Ever avoiding the potency and contentment of the present moment.

As we start to question and lessen a need for outer validation, as we embrace our emerging consciousness, these three base concepts of the separate self diminish.


  • We begin to feel worthy.
  • We become more connected with others and our world.
  • We discover a deeply personal experience of faith buoyed by a great force that propels each of us to our potential.

We develop ability to observe and question thought. We also begin to experience nondual or pure awareness, knowing all is one. Inevitably, we recognize that the source of psychological suffering, of stress, is thought itself.

Source is now health. From this understanding and through personal desire, we continue to gain mental clarity and insight. Stress diminishes.

As individual stress dissolves, we also help lessen psychological suffering within the collective and support sustainable wellbeing within our world.


Stress Karuna PortraitKaruna has studied with the world’s best meditation masters; dived into esoteric tantric texts; and taught and mentored individuals recovering from addictions as well as celebrities, artists and entrepreneurs. Book sessions and events at hubfortheheart@gmail.com

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