Wellness in the Future: Six Trends to Embrace Today

Wellness with Buddha at the Beach

The future of wellness is intuitive, sustainable and silent. We’ll value refined awareness, choose connection over isolation and eat intuitively.

It’s easy to foresee and here’s why:  Collective wellbeing mirrors individual transformation. If you know personal development of true wellbeing, you also know the journey of the collective. It goes something like this:

We each seek happiness. Much of life is a relentless pursuit of this desire through possessions, titles, educational degrees, accolades and more. Along the way, each of us experiences the same four benchmarks:

  • We arrive for our soul’s work.
  • Development of ego. Establishment of self-identity. Lots of things to do, stuff to buy, places to be.
  • Disassembly of ego. Questioning of values, priorities and choices. Shift from outer focus.  Connection to intuition grows.
  • Gradual stabilization in intuitive knowing. Happiness, peace, contentment and love are one.  I Am That.  And collectively at our deepest level:  We Are That.

As we move through this process, we grow depth and inner strength. Gradually and inevitably we become aware of subtle energy or refined awareness. We begin to trust our inner truth, our intuition.

The current wellness industry is now evolving from an attainment-based, materialistic model that is a reflection of our individual egos into an intuitive model that supports sustainable and stabilized wellbeing.

There’s a corresponding sense of uncertainty in the wellness and spa industry as we evolve from ego to intuition. What programs to present? What products to develop?  What treatments serve sustainable wellbeing and inner knowing?


  1. Mental Wellbeing Takes Center Stage  Meditation pods and centers are as common as yoga studios. Nutrition for healthy brain function continues to gain momentum. Physical fitness trainers and healers are educated to connect specific muscles to organ and brain function.
    What to do today:  Truth is not found in what the masses believe. Explore an inner truth:  Meditate 20 minutes, each morning and eve before bed, as the bookends of your day.
  2. Focus on Intuitive Eating Current obesity rates are a symptom of a society that is out of balance.  As we connect to intuition, we attune to the body’s nutritional needs at a deeper level. In the future, we select foods based on response by our cells.
    What to do today:  Go to a market. Each food has a resonance.  At an intuitive level, without listening to imbalanced cravings, notice how your cells and body respond when holding varied foods. Tune in.
  3. Embrace the Full Cycle of Life Many cosmetic procedures freeze facial expression and disconnect us from the cycle of life.  As we turn to subtle awareness, we experience the body as a house for spirit. Intuitive awareness is infinite and ageless.  In the future, we embrace aging and honour the full cycle of the body.
    What to do today: Ram Dass shares in his book Walking Each Other Home: Conversations on Loving and Dying: “If I’m going to die, the best way to prepare is to quiet my mind and open my heart. If I’m going to live, the best way to prepare is to quiet my mind and open my heart.”
  4. It’s so Simple  In the future, we move away from complexity, anxiety, overt materialism and stress, all symptoms created by egoic expression run rampant.  We now embrace a minimalist lifestyle.  We minimize possessions and appreciate design, function and each item’s purpose.
    What to do today:  Streamline possessions. Do you use that wafflemaker? Do you need all those clothes? Keep items you use within 90 days.  Develop a relationship with each item.
  5. Naturally, Silent As we begin to rest in our inner truth, we recognize the depth conveyed through silence. We turn away from too much: noise, shopping, media. Silence is valued. Nature is cherished. And we’re no longer afraid to be alone.
    What to do today:  If you enjoy being alone, notice why:  Do you feel safe? At ease? When you are alone, do you connect with deeper parts of yourself? If you don’t enjoy being alone, notice why:  Are you afraid? Of what? Your own depth? Often, levels of introversion or extroversion are just the ego protecting its identity.
  6. We Take Charge of our Transformation As ego wanes and intuition grows, charismatic wellbeing gurus no longer hold our interest and exotic locales are not the point. In the future, wellness centers, spas and mentors put you in the seat of authentic power. You drive your transformation.
    What to do today:  Be discerning in your selection of treatments and products. Stay in your authentic power during wellbeing courses. A great teacher is not a self-promotionalist.  Instead, s/he shares their experience and knowledge to help you nurture your intuition and stabilize in true wellbeing.

Narcissism Portrait

Karuna is a global wellbeing consultant and speaker who has studied with the world’s best meditation masters and dived into esoteric tantric texts. She has therapeutic specialty in Complex PTSD, eating disorders and addiction. You can reach her at hubfortheheart@gmail.com

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