The Method

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Mental Clarity

The Greatest Gift

Mental clarity is the greatest gift. One that only you can give to your self.

We often spend time suffering within a prison of thought. Once the cause of this pain is considered, imbalances like stress, anxiety and substance abuse subside and we naturally offer our self–and others–more respect.

Meditation and mindfulness address the root of imbalances and reunite us with our natural state–that of ease and joy. Your desire is paramount: It fuels an openness to deepened experience that guides us to stablise the mind.

Our approach is inclusive and solution-focused. We honour your free will and help you reveal all that you are.

Step One


When we observe, we are in our power.  As we cultivate humility and an interest in learning more, we better observe our self and our world.  From this awareness, we ask: What habits work well for my family, my colleagues, for me?  What patterns do not work so well?  The power of openness and observation sets the platform for transformation and deepened understanding.

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Step Two


As we observe, we discover the field in which we observe is abundant, vital and balanced.  We begin to question our relationship with this great field: Is it part of me?  Do I like the qualities of this field and do I want to learn more?  Can I trust this field? You alone determine the pace and the depth of your trust. This deeply personal experience further fuels your desire and empowers free will.

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Step Three


As we begin to enjoy the experience of meditation and mindfulness, we recognize that this relationship with our greater nature is balancing, healing and deeply nourishing. Our thoughts, words and actions begin to align and become particularly meaningful and potent. We start to intend our life through this continuity. Then, we live the empowered life. 

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