The Method

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Your Invitation to

Well Be-ing

We often spend time suffering in thought. When trauma is soaked within a healing field of consciousness, stress, anxiety and emotional triggers begin to subside. We naturally offer our dear self and others more compassion and respect.

Personal insight, meditation and non-judgmental love reunite us with our natural state and your desire fuels an opening to deepened experience!

Step One


As we gain awareness of childhood trauma, we start to open to deeper understanding. We start to make our way out of a fog of confusion and uncertainty. Our intuition, once doubted, is now validated. A common response is: "My family situation was off-base and I'm not the crazy one after all!"

This growing awareness sets a platform for personal transformation and the next step: Understanding.

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Step Two


During Step Two, we start understand how the early unfolding of life and our coping mechanisms carried onward to present day.  We connect the dots and see how patterns and themes developed.

We read as much as we can, we become informed and, importantly, apply the knowledge gained to current day.

We open to greater potential, deepened wisdom and an inner strength.

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Step Three


Not that we're awake, we start to apply what we've learned: Early trauma supports personal transformation and spiritual growth!

Contemplation, meditation and insights have magnetically guided us to our greater nature. We experience inner truth yet we still dance with old habits and early triggers. The integration stage attunes us to our intuitive nature, where deep healing occurs.

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Step Four


The attunement during Integration invites us to Stage Four:  BE-ing. We now know, experientially, the essence of who we are is consciousness.

Here we rest. At last.

Here we are deeply nourished. At last.

Trauma is held, soothed and settled within BE-ing.

We've now discovered what early trauma pointed us to all along: a deep fulfillment and perfection within the great Self we share.

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