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26 Aug 2016
Yoga Student

A 10 Week Cleanse from the Mat

I did a detox this summer that wasn’t meticulously planned. Rather, my cleanse slowly seeped in after a tentative encounter with a BOSU ball. The detox was from yoga. Rather than a standard fare of teaching yoga and meditation, I delighted in not speaking and simply being told what to do by instructors. I journeyed into kickboxing, circuits, boot camp, barrecore, jazz aerobics, cardiotone and Pilates. During a solo outing, I was in awe of another gym goer walking in […]

28 Mar 2016
Studio Open House Students

Ten Signs of Spiritual Maturity

Spiritual maturity will not be charted on a spreadsheet nor have percentages tallied in its favour. Yet tangible symptoms of spiritual maturity do lend themselves to a well-lived life. Here are ten signs of spiritual maturity to help you savour the moment and inspire you to learn more. You are selective about how to spend your time. What is time well spent? You seek mutually nourishing relationship. Also, rather than attending an event and being drained through obligation, you now […]