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24 Jan 2016
Empowered Practice

It’s Your Turn! The Empowered Spiritual Practice

Attend the May Day breakfast, serve lil’ smokies and you’re good with God for the year. That’s my childhood interpretation.  Sundays were something to be endured and church time and real life were very separate. Now as an adult spiritualist, I see a continuum: Life is spirituality and spirituality is life. With this mature understanding, I gravitate toward empowered practice that supports skilful contribution to our world. Through authentic practice, we remember–and an adept spiritual teacher readily acknowledges–that the teacher […]

10 Jan 2016
Spiritual Authenticity

Take The Spiritual Authenticity Test

Are all the beautiful people in yoga class getting it–except you? Do you zone out and give your power away to a teacher? To help dismantle spiritual disassociation, we’ve developed a Spiritual Authenticity Test. No need to fast in advance or repeat a mantra 108 times: Simply get on with it and answer these simple questions. Question One.  When a teacher leads meditation, are you: immersed in elaborate past life visions that include ornate draperies, corsets and plenty of “miladies” setting a […]

11 Dec 2015

Spiritual Bypassing: Climbing toward Light to Avoid The Dark

Spiritual bypassing is a mesmerizing diversion commonly found among those who embrace the path of transformation. It is disassociation, disconnected feeling and thought, linked to any technique, methodology or practice that seduces us into a promise of transcendence, attainment or enlightenment. A built-in trigger is an underlying assumption, conscious or unconscious, that we are not worthy enough, as we are, to fully embrace our spiritual nature. We must be “other,” in order to capture inner peace. Spiritual bypassing feels as […]