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16 Jul 2018
Eating Disorder Kneading Dough

Seven Steps to Heal an Eating Disorder

My eating disorder began at 17, just before start of studies at Uni. Raised in a family that emphasized persona, my guise became perfection. Through grades, wardrobe, friends, weight – or lack thereof. A perfect persona translated to perfect love; to fall short of perfection was to be unlovable. For eight years, as I desperately sought love through perfection, my self-hatred intensified. I thought myself never good enough. At anything. I saw therapists and doctors, yet was too ashamed to divulge that […]

04 Mar 2016
Narrcissist Banner

Toxic Office? The Narcissist is Everyone’s Problem

It’s best to uproot a source of illness rather than treat symptoms and the same is true for toxicity at the office. This eloquent article about how to deal with the boss from hell, places onus with the employee to respond to symptoms. But why ask employees, already under stress and living in fear of a misstep, to further compensate for a boss’s fear-based managerial dysfunction rather than dealing directly with the source of the toxicity? Why take a circuitous route […]