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06 Aug 2018
Stress Resting

How Tantra Resolves Stress: Nondual Awareness and Health

Stress levels in Boston are high. Walk into a coffeehouse on a Sunday and you’ll see rows of professionals and students transfixed to laptops compensating for hours that evaporated during a busy week. For me, this is opportunity. I’m soon to move to Cambridge with an easy walk to Harvard Square. I help people understand stress and cut through worldly noise to connect with their truth. Brain and body can only receive so much information before there’s overflow, what we […]

07 Oct 2016

World Mental Health Day: Let’s Call Out the Crazy

Each day we are inundated with media messages as well widely accepted societal and workplace norms that are counter intuitive to our soul’s wisdom, lowest common denominators that go against our deepest inner knowing.  Living within this out-of-balance world destabilizes our mental health and emotions. Photoshopped models set impossible and unrealistic standards of beauty and spur painful inner conflict that can lead to eating disorders; highly processed foods filled with preservatives deplete brain function; conspicuous consumerism and being sold product […]