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28 Nov 2019
Lead Image Nine Spiritual Terms

Nine Top Spiritual Terms Explained

Spiritual terms are confusing–especially in a yoga and wellness market bombarded with mixed messaging. Enhanced wellbeing is experienced through spiritual growth, so it’s important to break through the lingo and be empowered along the way. Here are my NINE TOP SPIRITUAL TERMS EXPLAINED: The Great I/Self  The greatest reality, the oneness and truth from which individual experience arises and to which it returns. Known by many names including consciousness, the natural state, presence, the Great I is most profoundly experienced in […]

07 Feb 2016
Night Sky

Recovery from Childhood Abuse: Differentiate First, Spirit Follows

Many spiritual paths focus on transcendence of individual self in order to experience a greater self, spirit or source energy. For those abused during childhood, however, sense of self and inner voice were never developed. Inner voice was often berated and no individual spiritual platform from which to spring was established. To become spiritually mature and empowered, process is important: First, we establish authentic sense of self and inner voice through emotional and intellectual differentiation from family of origin; then, […]