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CPTSD & Wellbeing

Karuna's Specialities

Karuna's services support wellbeing through her intuitive seeing, experiential insight and deep knowledge of spiritual transformation.

CPTSD & Healing

Private Sessions

'When we feel safe, we are at ease.'

Karuna's personalized sessions support your understanding of trauma, your transformational growth and deepened alignment with inner truth. She offers sessions for individuals and couples.

During sessions with Karuna,

  • you will learn how to soothe and heal trauma
  • discover where trauma supports areas of profound growth
  • experience a shift from dissociation to embodiment.

Karuna collaborates with you to invite your emerging consciousness to share deeper insights and wisdom. Then, trauma integrates and begins to dissolve.

Sessions via Skype with clients throughout the globe.

  • $95 USD, single session
  • $145 USD, couple's session
  • $360 USD, best rate: package of 4 sessions for one person used within 4 weeks
  • 20% discount for students or those on disability
  • Payments via PayPal (additional processing fee), Venmo or ApplePay.

Meditation can lengthen telomeres and support more healthful aging. Read more in The Guardian.

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Workplace Wellbeing

'Work with joy toward common goals.'

Businesses face unusual stresses that can create toxic work environments.

Karuna's workplace wellbeing programs help you identify top stresses within the group (often the elephant in the room!) and set individual and team goals ongoing. Focus then turns to working joyfully (and not taking things personally!) on behalf of a goal.

  • Expect more engaged team members who know how to bring the central nervous system to a more balanced state, reducing anxiety and stress.
  • Your colleagues will also show greater unity in meeting objectives.

Programs offered remotely via video conference and live during retreats, before or after working hours and during lunch times. Follow-up materials can be personalized for your group and an on-site facilitator can be trained to continue.

Meditation is scientifically proven to boost the immune system, for less down time on the job

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'Life is a curriculum designed for growth.'

Karuna is a wellbeing speaker and enthusiastic facilitator for events.  Always inclusive and non-secular, her presentations are supported by scientific study and punctuated with self-effacing humor.

She often incorporates experiential breakouts, fun movement (even song!) or a guided meditation. She hopes to inspire people to discover how mental fitness supports every aspect of life.

Meditation improves brain function and builds more grey matter in just eight weeks. Read more in the Harvard Gazette.

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Healing Retreats

'Purity of mind creates greater warmth of heart.'

Karuna's healing retreats provide a safe and loving field where you can deeply rest, rejuvenate and integrate intuitive insights.

The embodiment of wisdom, meditation, chanting and alignment-based movement often form the foundation of her gatherings.

Special guests may drop by and during retreats, every participant has a private session with Karuna. Foods are fresh and locally-sourced.

You’ll leave well rested, embodied and empowered through greater love for yourself, others and your unique role in your world.

From a Harvard neuroscientist: Learn more about how meditation changes your brain.

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