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Meditation, Mindfulness and Movement

Pathway to The Well Lived Life

Life presents a curriculum designed for your growth. The more we embrace the journey and transform our understanding, the more refined and advanced the curriculum becomes. Meditation, mindfulness and movement create the pathway that allow us to meet life skillfully, with greater understanding and contentment.

Nondual Mentoring

'Love is unity. Fear is isolation. Unity creates connection to all life.'

Customised mentoring sessions support your transformational growth and deepened alignment.

Focus is placed on emerging consciousness and ego is relevant – but relative. You will refine your awareness, which brings greater clarity and emotional balance and learn how to manage your mind through a simple three-step process. 

Off-site remote and in-person. I travel globally and on tour with individuals and groups to establish healthy daily continuity.

Meditation can lengthen telomeres and support more healthful aging. Read more in The Guardian.

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Workplace Wellbeing

'To manage the mind is to become the artist of life.'

Our workplace wellbeing programmes create solution-oriented teams, enhance positivity and empower you and your colleagues through a simple three-step process of managing the mind.

You can expect more engaged and loyal team members who know how to bring the central nervous system to a more balanced state, reducing anxiety and stress.  Your colleagues will also show greater unity of effort in meeting strategic objectives with increased productivity and less wasted output.  Meditation is scientifically proven to boost the immune system, for less down time on the job.

Programmes offered during retreats, before or after working hours and during lunch.  We can provide follow-up materials and individual and group conference calls. We also can train an on-site facilitator to continue.

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Event Facilitation

'Life offers a curriculum designed for the soul’s growth.'

Keynote speaker and facilitator for events.  Always inclusive and non-secular, presentations are supported by scientific study.  I often guide people through the experience of mindfulness and meditation so they understand how mental fitness positively supports every aspect of life. 

I emphasise a balance between intellectual wisdom and experiential knowing and pairing pure mind with warm heart.

Meditation improves brain function and builds more grey matter in just eight weeks. Read more in the Harvard Gazette.

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Global Retreats

'As we observe with pure mind and warm heart, we are in our power.'

Empowered people recognise the value of breaking patterns, the value of letting go of old habits to establish deepened connection and meaning.  

Retreats offer dedicated time to develop new habits, to reflect, to rejuvenate.  Inner listening, meditation, mindfulness and alignment-based movement form the foundation of gatherings. Off-site retreats and staycations available.

You’ll leave refreshed and empowered with greater understanding of and appreciation for yourself, friends and colleagues as well as your role in the world. 

From a Harvard neuroscientist: Learn more about how meditation changes your brain.

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