Online Programmes

Manage the Mind: A Toolbox for Your Brain! Great for Complex PTSD, trauma and eating disorders. During this series, you will experience and learn 10 powerful qualities for mental fitness; qualities that train the brain and guide acuity, alertness and visionary outlook. You will begin to have great respect for the power of your mind: You can even learn to love the mind into ease. Specifically designed for those who have experienced trauma or abuse. This 10-part audio series incorporates…

Mantras are simply positive affirmations. They melodically guide the mind away from old habits and toward more uplifting thought. Great for healing from Complex PTSD and trauma. From a scientific view, singing tones the vagal nerve, a long and important nerve in our body that supports heartbeat, breathing, voice, digestion and more. When we sing, we positively affect this nerve: We feel better, have less anxiety and achieve greater balance. This CD was recorded live in Sanskrit, an early language…

YouTube Channel

Complex PTSD Made Simple

Karuna's YouTube Channel focuses on Complex PTSD, narcissism and emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. You'll find guided meditation, helpful approaches to healing trauma and movement videos designed to bring your body, breath and mind into optimal alignment.