Online Programmes

Manage the Mind & Guide Its Power: Your Toolbox for the Brain! Meditation is an incredible gift to yourself – and to the world. During this series, you will experience and learn 10 powerful qualities for mental fitness; qualities that train the brain and guide acuity, alertness and visionary outlook. You will begin to have great respect for the power of your mind: You can even learn to love the mind into ease! This 10-part audio series incorporates meaningful talks…

Mantras are positive affirmations. They melodically guide the mind away from old habits and toward more uplifting thought. From a scientific view, singing tones the vagal nerve, a long and important nerve in our body that supports heartbeat, breathing, voice, digestion and more. When we sing, we positively affect this nerve: We feel better, have less anxiety and achieve greater balance. This CD was recorded live in Sanskrit, an early language often termed the “language of the soul.” Five songs–including…

Build a Better Brain

Live Online Calls

Every two weeks during online group calls, we gather with a community of people interested in exploring their greatest potential. Each call includes a pre-selected topic, question-and-answer discussion as well as meditation, breathwork or contemplation. Sample themes include: the Four Keys to Healthy Relationship, the Gates of Speech, Dealing with Conflict, more.