Five Ways to be More Spiritually Empowered


Spirituality is being content – as you. It’s simple. Yet, in this intriguing play of soul hide-and-seek, it takes practice. Here are five qualities to call upon, abilities you already have, that will help you be more content and equally empowered as you leave trendy spiritual dogma in the dust.

1. Ditch a Zone Out for the Zoom Out

Zoning out (disassociation or spiritual bypassing) takes you farther and farther away from your personal power. While zooming out enhances your personal power as it allows you to see a bigger picture. Just as a photographer uses a telephoto lens, you have the ability to see a vast landscape by becoming more spacious and zooming out into greater awareness.

A thousand in-your-face dictates from the mind are less helpful than zooming out and seeing the bigger picture so you can pick and choose your options.

New ideas and creative inspiration result.

2. Reflect without Introspect

Introspection is often accompanied by a hefty dose of self-analysis. If you’re not diligent, you’re soon treading in the murky waters of shame, guilt and self-hatred.

Instead, opt to, simply, reflect on situations in your life. Observe, be thoughtful, and ditch the gravitational pull toward harsh commentary. Through healthy reflection, recognize actions of yesterday that didn’t work so well; affirm today as a new day; and pledge to be more skilful in word or action.

I wish I would not have spoken to you so harshly yesterday. I apologize. Please forgive me. Then, vow to speak to your friend with more skilful expression next time.


3. Go for the Upgrade: Move from Dubious to Curious

Challenges in your life? It’s part of your life curriculum, so let’s ditch the drama and get on with it.

A dubious approach is doubtful, tentative. It saps your clarity and ability to see options.

Instead, get curious about your challenges. Curiosity gives you room to see a bigger framework, and curiosity can help you see additional options to better meet a challenge, step-by-step, one foot in front of the other.

What is this challenge asking of me? In what ways will this challenge help me grow and learn? How is this challenge asking me to be more conscious?

These are questions from your curious self.

4. Inner Affirmation Bests Outer Confirmation

Our culture aggrandizes outer confirmation as determinant of self worth. Trouble is, outer forms (including our bodies) and societal standards are ever changing. We find ourselves forever raising an illusory bar.

Instead, personally affirm your intention, your talent, your self-worth and call on your willpower to follow through with your affirmations.

For example, every night, before you fall asleep, affirm: I am dearly protected and loved in the same source energy that faithfully beats my heart as I sleep. When you awaken, affirm your intention to co-create with that same life force: My mind is clear and my emotions are balanced as I serve my world.

If you experience fear, affirm courage and look fear in the face. If you feel unworthy, recognize that idea was placed in you, long ago, as a child. It no longer holds you hostage: Affirm that you are now an adult spiritualist who is no longer debilitated by thoughts of unworthiness or shame.

5. Enjoy a Malpractice-free Practice

Your spiritual practice need not be delegated to a special time with special people in special clothes. Call these and other stress-inducing notions out for what they are: spiritual malpractice.

Instead, practice exactly where you are. Recognize the opportunity for spiritual practice is available in the moment: If you are a front desk receptionist: Can you speak with a vendor and an important client in equal voice? If you are well known and respected in your profession, can you practice a sincere posture of humility without patting yourself on the back for doing so? If you are a parent, can you recognize that your child has his/her own life journey and acknowledge we are only here to protect and guide?

Through empowered practice, become a supportive, steadfast companion to your self and fulfillment will naturally arise as days weave into months, months to years, years to lifetime.

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