Please Love Me: Scenic Detours and the Road to Happiness

Happiness Rising Hand

Every person’s greatest longing is for happiness. Each of us, in our own meandering way, wants to answer the voice within that echoes, “Please love me.”

We often do our best to fulfil this longing with too much or too little food, by giving away our power, sexual exploration or working too many hours. For a time, pain is alleviated. Yet once familiarity or routine sets in we, once again, yearn for happiness.

How Happiness is Created

Enduring happiness is created through love, but not the grasping or conditional love generated by the mind. Rather, the warm feeling of time well spent with close friends, the heart-touching steadfast loyalty of a dear pet or the welcoming embrace of one so familiar we can rest deeply in their arms.

Yet, we spend the majority of time alone, in our own company. How do relinquish the tether of self-judgment that keeps self-love at bay? How do we create happiness through our self?

By tuning into the resonance of love felt through others, a magnetic force draws us closer to love for self. We discover that, when on our own, we are far from alone: We are breathed and heart-pulsed into being by a magnificent source and force of life that is constantly guiding us toward embrace of that which is greater.

Happiness Grass

The Roadmap to Happiness

Understand Your Purpose Life presents a curriculum designed for your growth. The more we awaken and transform, the more refined and advanced the curriculum becomes. We’re all participating in a graduate school of life, so let’s get on with it.

Enjoy Pleasure, Embrace Happiness Pleasure is fleeting. Happiness endures. Pleasure is found in the purchase of a new pair of shoes or a new car or in the satisfaction of the job promotion. While both can be enjoyed, ultimately, we seek the abiding experience of soul’s joy.

Develop Tolerance for Challenge Trying to rise above our human-ness and deny fear or pain only creates more conflict. We are wise to embrace inner challenges and acknowledge that these times offer growth and wisdom: We are born into our greater and more blissful nature through concealment and revelation, through contraction and expansion, each serving equal purpose.

The Understanding of Happiness Shifts When young we may seek happiness through a new bike or awards; as adults, perhaps through possessions or titles. Our perception of what brings happiness shifts. Eventually, the outer markers of happiness subside until we are left with the awareness that happiness is generated from the inside out.

Outer Change, Inner Reality The outer world, including the body, is in constant fluctuation, constant change, for that which is created must dissolve. Friendships shift, jobs change and economies wax and wane.

The mind perceives an ever-changing world as unreliable and cannot rest in outward based validation. However, the mind will settle and rest within the inner experience of balance and stillness found during quiet moments.

Meditate: Learn to Guide the Mind

Experience the power of the mind, learn about your mind’s abilities and discover how to manage its incredible power.

Through meditation, positive relationship and by doing that which we most love, we develop trust with our greater nature. Therein lives the inner joy and enduring happiness that we all seek. When we draw from the wisdom of this inner perspective, we are in our authentic power.

To be loved is to be happy Outer love for person, pet or experience turns on an internal flow of love that is always present, always filled with peace, always content in and of itself. This flow of love creates a happiness and that we can then intend onward, at will, into our world.

Love is unity while fear is isolation. To know that we can generate love, warmth and unity brings happiness. To feel unity creates a connection with your life and all life.

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