Online Sessions with Karuna

Heal Complex PTSD Online Sessions

“I’ve progressed and healed more in our sessions than during my entire time in traditional therapy.”

Karuna’s clients often share this feedback. During sessions, Karuna’s focus is in the realm of integration and authenticity, in understanding the past to best live in and be empowered in the present.

Karuna understands the stages of transformation, the healing of trauma and works intuitively with clients. Her approach is at the forefront of emotional wellbeing, mental clarity and spiritual wellness: Many therapists come to Karuna for support in fact! Karuna will also help you attune to your inner teacher, find authentic voice and connect with awareness, a more subtle experience. Her offerings are not traditional “therapy” and Karuna is not a licensed mental therapist.

Sessions are 60 minutes in length and held via Skype, which offers easy recording.

  • $95 usd, Single Session for One Person
  • $145 usd, One Couple’s Session
  • $360 usd, Best Rate: Package of 4 Individual Sessions used within 4 weeks
  • Students, 20% discount with verification. Email info@hubfortheheart.com.

Upon booking: Karuna will email within 24 hours to match time zones and schedule.

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