The 10 Qualities of a Powerful Mind

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A CPTSD Toolbox for Your Brain!

In this program, you’ll experience and learn 10 powerful qualities for mental wellbeing that help guide the brain to an alert presence.

This series will help you develop respect for the power of your mind and you’ll even learn to love the mind into ease!  Great for those who have experienced trauma.

This 10-part audio series incorporates meaningful talks by Karuna, guided meditations and a beautiful mantra/prayer to help you further embody your experience.

This Series Includes:

  • One Introductory Audio File with Mantra: Purpose and How to Use the Series
  • Course Description as a PDF
  • 10 Audio Files that outline 10 Powerful Qualities for Mental Fitness: presented as Inspirational Talks with Guided Meditations by Karuna. Designed to be used time and time again, in home, in workplace, during commute. 15-20 minutes each
  • A Beautiful Prayer Mantra, Sung by Karuna

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