Experience The 10 Qualities of a Powerful Mind

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Manage the Mind: A Toolbox for Your Brain!

During this series, you will experience and learn 10 powerful qualities for mental fitness; qualities that train the brain and guide acuity, alertness and visionary outlook.

You will begin to have great respect for the power of your mind: You can even learn to love the mind into ease. Also great for those who have experienced trauma or abuse.

This 10-part audio series incorporates meaningful talks by Karuna, guided meditations and a beautiful mantra/prayer that empower you to embody the benefits of meditation and integrate balance into your life.

This Series Includes:

  • One Introductory Audio File with Mantra: Purpose and How to Use the Series
  • Course Description as a PDF
  • 10 Audio Files that outline 10 Powerful Qualities for Mental Fitness: presented as Inspirational Talks with Guided Meditations by Karuna. Designed to be used time and time again, in home, in workplace, during commute. 15-20 minutes each
  • A Beautiful Prayer Mantra, Sung by Karuna

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