Affirmations: The Power of Chant CD

Online Programmes - Affirmations With The Power of Chant CD

Mantras are simply positive affirmations. They melodically guide the mind away from old habits and toward more uplifting thought.

From a scientific view, singing tones the vagal nerve, a long and important nerve in our body that supports heartbeat, breathing, voice, digestion and more. When we sing, we positively affect this nerve: We feel better, have less anxiety and achieve greater balance.

This CD was recorded live in Sanskrit, an early language often termed the “language of the soul.” Five songs–including an extended version of the sound of OM. Great to play softly in background day and eve.

This CD includes:

  • 5 ancient affirmations (mantras) for healing and wellbeing
  • More than 70 minutes of sacred chants
  • Extended version of OM: Lovely to play ongoing during day and eve
  • Sanskrit mantras (known as the language of the soul) recorded live in studio
  • The greatest of all healing mantras, the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, sung for healing for self, others and the world
  • Call-and-response recordings shared by people who wish happiness and peace for you and our world

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