Category : Corporate Mindfulness

15 Nov 2016
Burning Rose

Digital Detox: 5 Ways to Clear Your Mental Cache

Feeling overwhelmed, unbalanced and in need of a digital detox with no holiday in sight?  Here are five ways to clear your mental cache and get your digital habits on a healthy and balanced track. No. 1  GET REAL and GAIN PERSPECTIVE. Electronic devices are tools, potentially valuable, potentially destructive and length of on-device time is not indicative of productivity: You could be online for three efficient, balanced hours and accomplish much more than the meandering, digitally exhausted version of […]

04 Mar 2016
Narrcissist Banner

Toxic Office? The Narcissist is Everyone’s Problem

It’s best to uproot a source of illness rather than treat symptoms and the same is true for toxicity at the office. This eloquent article about how to deal with the boss from hell, places onus with the employee to respond to symptoms. But why ask employees, already under stress and living in fear of a misstep, to further compensate for a boss’s fear-based managerial dysfunction rather than dealing directly with the source of the toxicity? Why take a circuitous route […]