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Meet Karuna

Karuna has intuitive abilities of seeing subtle energy flows and feeling/understanding how childhood traumas effect our spiritual transformation and growth.

She brings these skills to her sessions and is guide and mentor to all who focus on childhood adversity as the fuel for personal transformation.

While working for a U.S. Senator, she saw futility within a "mind vs. mind" approach to solve problems in the world. Karuna then completed dedicated study of the non-dual Tantric approach of Kashmir Shaivism with the world’s finest scholars and kundalini meditation masters.

She continued on to teach meditation, philosophy, chanting and yoga to individuals as well as small and large groups at her own studio. Karuna’s passion now is reconnecting others to their intuitive nature in an enduring way.

Karuna’s focus is non-dual and universal. She is focused on the emerging consciousness and treats the personality as relevant yet relative.

She was recently named as a 2020 Wellbeing Mentor for the Irish Spa Association. Karuna has given workplace wellbeing trainings in the UK and Ireland where venues include London's Sky Garden, Soho Farmhouse, MediaCity UK, Daylesford Farm and The Berkeley Hotel.

After 25 years, Karuna’s client base is varied: individuals recovering from addiction, entrepreneurs, artists and students come to her for the healing of trauma and spiritual growth. She is not a licensed therapist. Instead, she shares from deeply personal experience and years of study and teaching.

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