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How do we flourish? What factors create human flourishing and how do we fulfill this potential?

Meditation, mindfulness and movement are exhilarating practices that allow us to de-stress and heal from family, cultural and collective conditioning. When we feel safe, we return to our natural state, our authentic self.

Karuna's method is relevant, filled with spiritual wisdom yet backed by scientific study. Her services will help you simplify, reclaim wellbeing and flourish.




Healing and Mentoring

Individualised sessions that transform, uplift and empower. Focus is placed on your understanding, development of your authentic self and your intuitive insights. You will be supported in the very best of ways.

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Workplace Wellbeing


Workplace Wellbeing

Conscious foundations nurture a visionary ethos and staff loyality and enthusiasm to create a healthy workplace from the inside out. Conscious, visionary, profitable.

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Conference on Stage


Event Facilitation

Dynamic events, always inclusive, non-secular and supported by scientific study. Mindfulness and mental fitness impact all aspects of life. We lead you through this exciting journey.

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International Workshop & Retreats



Physical vitality, emotional balance and mental clarity. Deepened programmes for individuals and groups who want to gain refined understanding and self empowered knowledge.

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