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Understand and Integrate

Trauma & Spiritual Growth

Complex PTSD presents itself in varied ways: Uncertainty, self criticism, foggy memory and underlying anxiety are some of residues left behind from childhood adversity.

These traumas are deep grooves placed within our individual storyline. My four-stage approach to healing soothes the "complex"ity of early adversity by steadily washing over and purifying these grooves.

Through my method, you'll gain greater awareness, emotional clarity and optimal alignment with your spiritual path.




CPTSD Healing

Individual sessions focus on the spiritual transmutation of trauma. I read subtle energy flows and guide within the process of transformation. Together, we'll collaborate to reclaim your identity and your intuitive wisdom!

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Workplace Wellbeing

Greater Joy in the


Businesses often operate within stresses that create a toxic environment. You and your group will learn how to respond to stresses–and not to take things personally–while working toward common goals with greater joy.

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Conference on Stage



Bring wellbeing to your event or conference with a keynote address, event facilitation or experience-based group workshops.

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International Workshop & Retreats

Healing Trauma


Powerful healing retreats for the world weary. You'll experience deep rejuvenation, renewal and joy in healing with spirit.

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